Production of Wooden Furniture and Accessories

From Raw Material to Finished Product


Artisanal woodworking is an ancient craft that requires great skill and passion.

The process begins with a careful selection of the finest wood essences based on the project at hand. Then, the pieces of timber are cut and various elements are assembled to create unique and customized objects such as furniture, interior decorations, and architectural elements.

In classic or rustic settings, wooden furnishings can be complemented by decorations and sculptures that Andrea Alberti Carpentry is capable of crafting to make the desired environment truly unique.

The Production Process


start with a detailed design of the object or furniture that needs to be created, often provided by an architect on behalf of the client. However, if the client prefers, I can also create the design directly.

Next, I proceed with the selection of the wood, ensuring that it is suitable for the intended use and of the highest possible quality.

Subsequently, I move on to cutting and sanding.

If specified in the project, I also incorporate other materials such as fabrics or metals.

Finally, I assemble all the pieces for the assembly of the final object, which can take place in the carpentry workshop or directly on-site.