Andrea Alberti's Carpentry

Thanks to the use of selected materials and the experience of the carpenters, excellent results can be obtained, which give the rooms a unique and timeless charm.

Artisanal Carpentry


Andrea Alberti's Carpentry is an artisanal business that has been operating in the Ampezzo Valley for many years to produce furniture and furnishings made with quality materials and attention to detail.

We specialize in creating custom-made furnishings for private homes, shops, and hotels, in a classic or modern style, with new or old wood.

Carpentry For The Building Industry


In addition to producing custom-made furniture, we also deal with carpentry for the building industry (roofs, balconies, floors, etc.), repairing and reconstructing antique pieces, and carving and sculpture as wooden furnishing accessories.

Furthermore, our customers can customize the furniture by choosing from various kinds of wood and finishes such as lacquering, varnishing, and patination.

360° Service For Our Customers


Our carpentry can offer a complete service, which can satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

Interested in a custom wood forniture?